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We’re committed to supporting our global MD Helicopters fleet 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether you need advice from a certified engineer, are looking for warranty information, want support for a major repair or overhaul, or just need a spare part we’re here to keep your aircraft operating reliably through its full lifecycle.

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Our Service Commitment

“The only way to becoming a better company is to change in ways that improve the customer experience. My role is to align the team and improve the company’s performance in a realistic and humble way. We will be focused on supporting past, present and future customers.”


Aircraft on the Ground

Our dedicated Aircraft on the Ground (AOG) team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all of our global customers. We provide the exceptional on-demand support you need to get you back in the air as quickly as possible.

AOG Team:

MDH Authorized Service Centers

NOTAR Technology

The NOTAR® anti-torque system eliminates all of the mechanical disadvantages of a tail rotor, including long drive shafts, hanger bearings, intermediate gearboxes, and ninety-degree gearboxes. Using the natural characteristics of helicopter aerodynamics, the NOTAR system provides safe, quiet, responsive, FOD-resistant directional control.

The enclosed variable-pitch composite blade fan produces a low-pressure, high volume of ambient air to pressurize the composite tail boom. 

The air is expelled through two slots that run the length of the tail boom on the starboard (right) side, causing a boundary-layer control called the Coanda Effect. The result is that the tail boom becomes a “wing,” flying in the downwash of the rotor system, producing up to 60 percent of the anti-torque required in a hover. The balance of the directional control is accomplished by a rotating direct jet thruster. In forward flight, the vertical stabilizers provide the majority of the anti-torque. However, directional control remains a function of the direct jet thruster. 

There are two production helicopters that utilize the NOTAR system, both produced by MD Helicopters.

  • Greater Safety: Studies have shown that 21% of all crashes are due to tail rotor strikes or loss of tail rotor effectiveness. NOTAR® systems eliminate these problems.
  • Reduced Noise: Designed and tested to be 50% quieter, NOTAR-equipped helicopters are among the quietest certified helicopters available.
  • Reduced Pilot Workload: Using the Coanda Effect to provide tail boom lift and anti-torque, the system is more stable and easier to control. This effect reduces the sensitivity to wind direction on helicopter control.
  • Reduced Aircraft Vibration: The inherent stability of the standard MD 500 is further improved by the elimination of the exposed tail rotor assembly, which reduces overall helicopter vibrations and increases passenger comfort while reducing pilot fatigue.


All sales of spare parts and kitting for the MD Helicopters fleet is handled by the Spares Sales department, via our MD Helicopters Authorized Service Centers and Spare Parts Retailers. This is to ensure all aircraft sustainment, aftermarket services, and customer satisfaction is met.

All MDH Authorized Service Centers are required to stock spare items in sufficient quantities to support the number of helicopters in their geographic areas. Operators are encouraged to purchase spare parts from their local MD Helicopters Authorized Service Center to assure the receipt of the correct part in the shortest time possible

Parts Team:

Repair & Refurbishment

The sun never sets on the global fleet of MD Helicopters. That’s why our Field Service Engineering team of factory-trained and seasoned FAA and EASA-certified Airframe and Powerplant engineers are standing by to assist you however and wherever you need them 24/7, 365 days a year. They know the intricate details of our entire MD product line and can support your major repair and refurbishment, or help with technical issues to maintain your helicopter to its factory specifications or restore any MD rotorcraft model to “as good as new” condition. 

  • MD Helicopters LLC
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Licensee)
  • Korean Air (Licensee)
  • Mecaer Aviation Group (Licensee)
  • Dixie Jet (Florida) – MDH Approved Service Center
  • E.M. Heli-Logistics (Canada) – MDH Approved Service Center
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Licensee)
  • Korean Air (Licensee)
  • Mecaer Aviation Group (Licensee)
  • Oceania Aviation (New Zealand) – MDH Approved Service Center
  • MD Helicopters LLC
  • E.M. Heli-Logistics (Canada) – MDH Approved Service Center
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Licensee)
  • Korean Air (Licensee)
  • Mecaer Aviation Group (Licensee)

Service Team:

Warranty & Exchange Program

MD Helicopters is committed to manufacturing and delivering the highest quality aircraft. That’s why we back all of our products with one of the most comprehensive limited warranties in the industry. Our 2-year, 2,000-hour limited warranty shows the confidence we have in the design, manufacture, and support of our products. We also offer a Component Exchange Program to give you access to major components at lower prices to reduce your overall costs while keeping downtime to a minimum. 

All MD Helicopters Warranty and Exchange Programs are supported by our comprehensive network of factory-authorized Service Centers, strategically located throughout the world. These locations provide factory-inspected and approved parts, as well as expert service, for all MD products.

Warranty Claim:

Flight Safety

MD Helicopters, Inc. is the Type Certificate holder for the 369 Series, 500N, 600N, and MD900 helicopters, and is responsible for Continued Operational Safety of the fleet. 

In the event of an accident or incident, MDH offers on-site accident investigation support, metallurgical analysis, component examination, and engineering support to U.S. and International Aviation Authorities.

Upon request, an MDH Accident Investigator will travel to the accident site or aircraft recovery location to provide technical assistance. MDH engineering services are also available. This investigation support is provided at no charge.

Powerplant Support


Model 250 Engines Customer Support
P.O. Box 420
Speed Code P38
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-0420
Phone: (317) 230-2720
Datafax: (317) 230-3381
TELEX: 6876067

Spare Parts Support
Aviall, Inc.
2075 Diplomat Drive
Dallas, Texas 75234
Phone: 1-888-AVIALL1 or 1-888-284-2551

Model 250 Gas Turbine Engines:

  • C20B Turbine Engine
  • C20R Turbine Engine
  • C30 Turbine Engine
  • C47 Turbine Engine

1000 Marie-Victorin
Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
J4G 1A1
Phone: (450) 647-3884 or (450) 677-9411
Datafax: (450) 647-6909

PW206A, PW206E & PW207E Turboshaft Engine, Featuring increased One-Engine-Inoperative (OEI) ratings.
Phone – USA and Canada: (800) 268-8000
International: (450) 647-8000
Datafax: (450) 647-2888



Whether it’s technical support, parts, general service, or questions about our models, let us know how we can help.